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Be Positive! Part 1 – Steve Jobs’s

ahhhh, i found this youtube’s video, ’bout Mr.Jobs yeaaaa, n i got inspired about positive attitude that i sud have and uuummmm, sorry for my bad english, enjoyed!

if u’re browsing using mobile version, try to use full website version to see the video link, thks.

This is a reminder for my self, if it’s work out for u as well, then good!

Whatever happens in our life, whatever comes into our life, somehow we gotta push hard on our head to be positive, push hard our heart to feels positive so it can push our action to do the same, positive action.

i found it not as simple as i wrote this when it’s come to d real experience in my life, but nothing will be perfect without practice n well practice, trial n errors, etc.

just think positive, ‘coz God knows everything, we know nothing

if it’s turn out to be negative n u don’t realized, ask this to our selves: “have u just judge someone? judge God for all the condition?”


am still on my first step to become a positive person, n will always learn to be positive, till dead! @_@



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